03-28-15 Update to our Grand Opening!




Saturday, April 18th, 2015 from 11:00AM until 5:00PM &

Sunday, April 19th, 2015 12:00PM NOON until 4:00PM.


ADDRESS: 504 Pass Rd., Gulfport, MS. Two miles east of US Hwy 49




- All indoor activities are FREE!


- 65 shelves of vintage toy trains: The oldest toy train on display was made as a toy in 1865 & is 150 years old.


- See numerous operating electric model railroads for adults and children to view. Visitors are invited to bring their own trains and have a club member run their trains on one of the many club train tables.


- Appraisals can be made for trains if a visitor asks!


- A complete N-Gauge layout is on display & will be running trains all day!


- Two long elevated G-Scale (Garden Scale) trains that will be running overhead!


- A 9 table 450,000+ piece Lego (R) CITY layout running 2 100% Lego trains! 


- A 6 table HO-Scale Model Railroad (under construction) running an assortment of HO trains.  See a HO model layout under construction & talk to our model builders!


- An “O”-Scale Lionel set up running 8 trains.  See our model of the Keesler Air Force Base!




- 25 miniature battery operated table trains.  Put the trains on the tracks and watch them run!


- Wooden toy train tables for children to build and operate their own train designs!


- A 7’ tall wooden train for groups to have their Photos taken!


- 10 battery operated toy trains for kids 20-50 pounds to ride on 180’ of track!


- 3 kid powered trains where the child gets the train moving by using hand peddle!


There will be a riding train that can pick visitors up from their parking spot, then ride them around the block, and then drop the visitors off at the Railroad Museum. Later, the riding train can pick up the people and take them back to their vehicle.


There will be plenty of activities for all ages, Domino’s Pizza, and refreshments. Contributions will be welcomed for our ongoing operations at the Museum.


For more info contact, Tim Billings at



02-24-2015 Welcome The Newest Applicant Connie Sprinkell


Come on down to our new building and check out the collection and fill out an application. We have a common passion for trains and everything that comes with trains. Check out this catalogue entry from 1896!!