Putting Together a Fast-Track Display


By James Vyverburg

There is a local guy doing some fast things in Gulfport, Mississippi. Mr. James Vyverberg is working on a Fast Track Model Railroad Display. This display will be on hand in the MS Coast Model Railroad Museum’s South Station when it opens in November 2020.

This display will provide a simple and fast way to provide an Operating Model Railroad that a 70-year-old and a grandson in the teens could operate. This display will be easy to dismantle, relocate, use and then put away. The benefits are endless. This track plan is based on a real prototype “The Skykomish Great Northern Railroad Railyard” from the 1940-1950 era.

The Construction is made out of Plywood with a 4’ x 8’ framing, 1” x 4” with indoor-outdoor Green Rug on the table. Bachmann Nickel – Silver Track w/ Gray Roadbed was selected due to fast and simple ease. The design has track locking security and works great with the rug base.

The track is not secured to the framework, and indoor/outdoor carpet is used on top of framework. The track is assembled on the carpet without other direct connect as the rug holds the track in place, and the track to be laid per the proposed track plan - wiring and block isolation not considered at this time.

After the track is laid, you must review and plan wiring of the track power and associated block isolation is required. The switch wiring system is yet to be designed. We removed the wire from switches and operated them by hand. Check out the wire routing system, how to lay them on table top. The wiring proved to be the hardest. What to do with the circuits located on the table top. Track system wiring is not designed for friendly installation Wires provided with the switches are a problem. Wire will not lay flat Oversized connectors (poor design at ends). Table top routing was planned (system yet to be designed)

Rolling Stock – RTR Loco’s & Cars are used in general.

Freight Car – Shorter the better and Run 10 car max X Trains in General.

Passenger Car – RTR to run plastic in general and run 5 cars train in most cases.


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